RAF Harrowbeer was a WWII Fighter airfield near Yelverton in Devon. Construction started in late 1940 and the Airfield officially opened on the 15th August 1941. It was only in use for a little under four years, closing on the 31st July 1945. Many different nationalities flew from Harrowbeer, mostly RAF Squadrons but also Fleet Air Arm and US Navy. Today, visitors will be mostly aware of the airfield’s existence, alongside the A386 at Yelverton, by the taxiways and the dispersal bays that are virtually as they were over 70 years ago.

This website is maintained by the Harrowbeer Interest Group (HIG) and the Group are always keen to hear from any family members of Airfield Staff, from families who lived in the airfield’s huts in the 1950s/60s & 70s, or from anyone who has memories of the airfield during the War. Anyone with information on the Airfield can contact HIG via the contact page.

You can follow RAF Harrowbeer on Facebook. Please see also: www.rafharrowbeer1940s.com for information on our 1940s weekend and 1940s Dance events. There are also more photos on our original website: www.rafharrowbeer.co.uk although this site is not updated anymore as we move everything to this site.

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